Training Topic : PROFESSIONAL ETHICS Your Name: Pratibha Ran – NIFT Delhi i, Email: Feedback / Testimonial / Appreciation / Improvement: Ritu ma’am from PRISM, you are the best faculty i met in my this small 20 year life. I love the way you teach and treat us. you are the sweetest faulty. your teaching way is smooth and unique. Thank you ma’am for teaching us professional ethics and making this subject interesting for us and get well soon ma’am.

TRAINING PROGRAM : Personality Development: NIFT Delhi : Feb 2020

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TRAINING PROGRAM : Leadership & Change Management: Wipro – China


TRAINING PROGRAM : Wellness & Mental Heath: DAV: Online Session Feedback 

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TRAINING PROGRAM: High Impact Presentation: Alight Wipro:  I HR Dept I

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TRAINING PROGRAM: Winners Within: Panasonic: Gaurav Kapoor

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TRAINING PROGRAM : Professional Ethics: NIFT Delhi : Feb 2020


TRAINING PROGRAM: Team Effectiveness: Samvardhana Group: Brig Sharma I HR I I convey my sincere thanks to you and the Team PRISM for the excellent conduct of the “ Winner within” programme for the Samvardhana Motherson group on 06 Oct 2017 at Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar.

The participants were kept enthusiastically engaged throughout the Three hours + programme by you and Ms Varsha. The participants have enjoyed and have important takeaways from the programme. The same was exhibited by the impromptu standing ovation you received at the end of the programme.

Once again I convey my felicitations to you and the PRISM team.Looking forward to the mutually beneficial association in times to come. With warm regards Brigadier  RK Sharma  +91-120 – 6679369

TRAINING PROGRAM: Induction Program : Mothersonsumi : Sheetal I HR I I As per our feedback process, we had taken feedback for Campus To Corporate Session conducted on June 23, 2017.

You have earned a feedback rating of 4.9 out of 5. Our minimum target feedback is 4.0 for any external session. Some Comments from participants 

The trainer had awesome presentation skills and possess perfect subject knowledge.
Such training were very efficient and valuable to learn soft skills which can’t be learned from books.
The trainer was very energetic and good at connecting with the audience, would like to have more sessions from the same trainer

We appreciate your time & efforts spent in conducting this session. Thank you once again.


Name: Praveen Kumar
Comment: Really had an excellent time with your (Anubha’s)Training(SIX SIGMA)Had good knowledge sharing with each and every one in the session. Points shared by you ll help a lot in my day to day work process really thanks a lot for the whole time given by you


TRAINING PROGRAM : Leadership: MEGASTAR FOODS: Arvind Goel I General Manager | |At the very outset I would like to appreciate you for the contents of the topic, the methodology adopted for ensuring participation by all trainees and make them understand in simple language. Really such like training are required which are truly effective and make the people understand and practice what they have learnt.
TRAINING PROGRAM: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION :MIND: Madhvi Sharma I Human Resource Team | MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs Limited |

As per our feedback process, we had taken feedback for Business Communication conducted on 14th January 2017 by you. You have earned a feedback rating of 4.7 out of 5. Our minimum target feedback is 4.0 for any external session.

Some Comments from participants

1>     Training was good, the way Anubha ma’am trained is appreciated.

2>     Trainer was really nice and explained the topics really well with example and related it with day to day activities.

3>     The trainer is very good and covered each and every aspect of training, small but effective real-life examples were great

and easy to understand, to the point while replying queries, overall a great session.

4>     Way of training was excellent and the trainer was very interactive.

5>     I appreciate the way the trainer took efforts to pay attention to reach each and every participant. felt obliged.

6>     Very useful training which helps in improving professional behaviour and attitude.

7>     Good experience to attend such training session, helpful in a great learning through sharing of thoughts and ideas. great platform to know yourself.

 We appreciate your time & effort spent in conducting this training for us.


Greetings from Lovely Professional University!!
At the end of the training session, we have calculated the Training Effectiveness Index
by using Kirk-Patrick Model. The feedback form was shared with students through UMS to which students have responded within 3 days
We are pleased to share that the Overall Workshop/Training Effectiveness Index (TEI) for 4 Day Winter Special Training from 6th – 9th January 2017 is 92%.


Dear Anubha, Greetings

This is the mail to say THANK YOU.
In last four days of training, you made me and my peers learn something which was definitely not a rocket science but yes it was indeed something very small when we see, but plays a huge role when it comes to implementation. I won’t say you are the best of trainers because I don’t have measuring scale for someone who adds value to me but yes I would like to say you are very much different and quite interesting in a way you made us involved. 
From the first day to the last, you had such a great energy and you carried it through, which is a tough task to do. 
,Usually ,sometimes the training session goes boring, but you made it energetic every time that’s again a great quality in you.
The inputs you gave was actually very essential because we had all the theoretical knowledge but those small little stuffs which is required in cthe orporate world was missing somewhere and you filled that holes also.
So, thank you so much to you and the Team of PRISM for coming to LPU. It was such a pleasure and great learning from you.
P.S. – I definitely will be following you on every social media platforms and also on your blog. So please updating all those because I believe learning has no endings and may be in absence of you physically, the virtual you(Blog) will help. So please keep posting.


Dear Anubha ma’am,

You have always been a great inspiration to me. Always so full of positive energy. Your thought processes and point of views are real life motivations. It’s an honor to be your student, and I’m always happy to read your articles.

Thank you for your support ma’am. Regards,
Harpreet Singh Raien, Head-HR & Administrator :


Name: Madhvi Sharma HR  | MIND | :         Feedback of PRISM & ANUBHA: As per our feedback process, we had taken feedback for  session on Train The Trainer conducted on November 19, 2016 ,by PRISM. You have earned a feedback rating of 4.5 out of 5Some Comments from participants

1>  Training was very interesting with a lot of team activities, the trainer was highly energetic and captivating.   2>   This training is very helpful. it helps you to identify the points on which you need to focus when impart training.  3>  Excellent trainer. have a deep understanding of her subjects. excellent query handling and giving an apt solution to it.


Name: PRACHI Email:
Feedback of PRISM & ANUBHA: I enjoyed listening to you during Sheros meet today. What you shared seemed straight from the heart and full of passion and energy. I could relate to your points of making a goals list and working towards it as I started doing it last 3 yrs myself and could channelise my personal and professional life. You definitely reflected a lot of positivity and inspiration. So thanks for sharing your learnings and experience.


Name: ROHIT KALRA Email:
Feedback of Anubha: Overall A good Knowledgable Programme with Good Prsentation in term of making people understanding over the concept.


Name: Peeyush Gupta
Feedback: The day was fantastic as we had done so many activities which I didn’t done in my whole corporate experience. Also, I had experience the inner strength and type of personality which I am.
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I will be grateful if this type of training will be a plan in future also.