Vision vs Mission

S. No.




Vision is like destination

mission the path


Vision can change

But not mission


Vision statement comes first

Mission statement comes next


Vision statement is like a Short term goal

Mission statement is like a long term goal


Vision is where the company should go from here – in terms of volumes, product markets etc. this is also long term, but perhaps a shorter term than the mission.

Mission is what the business exists for – the broad purpose of the business, what the promoters created the company for, or what the current people in charge of the affairs – BOD and shareholders think of it. For example, what broad consumer needs the company should be serving in the long run. The time frame here is the longest.


vision is a statement of some desired future state (as an example Microsoft’s vision was a computer on every desk and in every home).

the mission statement (which originates with the military) should be informational. It should talk about what you do how you deliver it and who your clients are.


always start with values….which then drive the vision

and then the mission


I see a vision as something you want to achieve or create. It’s a way of implementing in the world who you are and want to be (your mission).

I think Mission comes before Vision. I like Stephen Covey’s approach to Mission Statements in his book First Things First. And from his approach, a Mission Statement is a statement of who you are and want to be — whether as an individual or a company. It is a statement of your core values that guide you, how you see your purpose for being — as a human being or an organization.


Vision talks about the future aspiration

The mission states our reasons for existence as an organisation or purpose.


Vision comes first. Vision is a mental picture of what I want to get or see. This could pertain to anything in life, money, property, health, profession, society, etc., absolutely anything you can think of. Vision is a Concept. Vision is an Idea.

Mission is the way you go about achieving what you want to get or see. (Vision.) The mission is the Action Plan, the Game Plan, the Methodology.


Vision = long term goal, like eg after 10-20 years where you will be or what it the ultimate result you want. the eg vision of India for 10 years is: to become a developed country

Mission is how you reach there to achieve your vision. the mission will be: get an edge in technology agriculture and education


Vision is the visible horizon, power of seeing the future to achieve, the Organization’s future plan, to decide what to achieve with an Action-Plan.

Mission is to accomplish the vision with a time frame.


A vision is a realistic, credible, attractive and inspiring future view for your organization; A compelling dream clearly stated, challenging and meaningful 

An action-oriented statement of an organization’ s reason for being. The overall purpose of the organization and why it is in business. Says what we do, who we serve, and where.


Vision: its what organization aims or hopes to reach and it should be challenge for them and some time leaders in an organization who set the vision also it short sentences 5 to 7 words.

Vision comes first.

Mission: sentence describe what is the organization and their activities and whose there customer, what they produce for them


Vision is “WHERE” does the organization want to go.

Mission is “HOW” does the organization want to go.


The Vision is the ideal picture of what that looks like and can include the way to get there (i.e. “I’m a guest on all the popular media stations in India, I have a busy client list of 35 people a week, I’m asked to do presentations for large organizations, etc. etc. etc.)

The Vision is where the mind gets to play with the best ingredients and see things as you would like them to be…this is the creative force in action.

When people say “My vision for this company is that we are #1″…to me…that’s the mission…the vision is very specific and requires daily practice to create.

So…to me…the Mission comes first…followed by the specific Vision that makes it a creatable reality.

Generally, the mission describes the goal and expected outcome (i.e. “To be the #1 provider of coaching services in India”)


Vision is an infinity. “Creating a better quality of life” is a vision. “Education for all” is a vision.

Mission is a goal. Mission is “to become a market leader in 2007”, “Providing education to all the rural masses in Eastern part of India”, .The mission helps us to reach the vision. To reach that mission, the short term goals or objectives can be laid down.

Vision is first when its iterated (reduced) to Mission.


Vision is a broad and inspiring statement of what the organization intends to become in the future. It is usually the aspiration or the dreams of an entrepreneur/ founder/chairman and is largely expressed in competitive terms, though without clearly specifying the means to achieve those aspirations. In other words, vision is the ability to foresee the future.

And, a mission statement is a reason for the existence of the organization. In other words, a mission statement answers “what the company stands for?”. It enlists various objectives which suggest the reasons for the existence of the firm, besides outlining various ways through which the organization could be able to actualize its vision and move toward the attainment of a sustainable competitive advantage.


‘Vision’: Where an individual or organization wants to be in the future.

‘Mission’: The strategy/ action to achieve the vision by an individual/organization.

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