There are several common inhibiting beliefs that people do not know they carry. People should ask themselves:fullsizeoutput_51df

*Does their fear of failure hold them back? Interestingly, the most successful people also have the most failures. The difference is that successful people see failure as a teacher and a guide. They bounce back quickly after getting knocked down because they see that their experiences today are paving the way toward tomorrow.

*Do they care too much about what others think of them? Successful people live their lives according to their beliefs–not the beliefs of others. They know it is impossible to please everyone.

*Do they understand that their “busyness” is independent of their level of success? Successful people know that it is not being busy that matters, but rather engaging in the right kinds of activities.

*Do they believe that other people are more deserving of success than they are? Many of the excuses people use to justify lack of success are simply untrue and self-destructive.

*Do they believe that all of the resources they need to be successful will come to them? Successful people know that no one earns money. People get paid for the value they contribute. When individuals contribute more value, they make more money.

*Do they believe that their current situations can be changed in all respects? Successful people have an inner certainty that choices are always available to them. They deal with situations in ways that allow them to confidently move forward into better futures.

PRISM Philosophy is powerful philosophy for having success

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