Hidden leaders who focus on results have two main characteristics: They take initiative and maintain a wide perspective. Different balances of these two traits combine to create different strengths or weaknesses, resulting in the following categories:

*Plodder: People with low initiative and a narrow perspective tend to stick to the rules, equating process with productivity and control with competence. They also tend to hinder creativity and innovation.

*Dreamer: Employees with a wide perspective and low initiative tend to understand the importance of the goal, but do not tend to take action beyond the status quo.

*Hyper-actor: Frenzied workers with a narrow perspective and high initiative spin their wheels but make no progress toward their goals.

*Hidden leader: With a wide perspective and high initiative, these leaders understand the goals and are not afraid to take action.

The more a hidden leader focuses on results, the more engaged they become, and engagement is vital for reaching business goals. Employees become engaged when they make progress on work they find meaningful. Hidden leaders are able to maintain their engagement despite setbacks. They can do so because they possess positive energy, confident optimism, and resilience.


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