After doing my research in leadership and followership; I realised and observed during my consutlancy project using PRISM PHILOSOPHY that

*Every company has hidden leaders. They are known and respected by their coworkers but not always recognized in an official capacity. Managers who can uncover and encourage hidden leaders give their companies a competitive advantage. Organizations can advance creativity, productivity, and profit by tapping in to the positive energy created by hidden leaders.

*Hidden leaders have four key traits: They display integrity, lead through relationships, focus on results, and are customer purposed.

*Hidden leaders live according to a strong definition of right and wrong and always act in the same manner, whether or not they are being observed. They also have the courage to speak up when they see difficult or dangerous situations that need to be addressed.

*Hidden leaders who display relational leadership use their interpersonal skills to make emotional connections with those around them. The ability to make a personal connection is one of the keys to leadership.

*Hidden leaders who focus on results have two main characteristics: They take initiative and maintain a wide perspective. The more that hidden leaders focus on results, the more engaged they become–and engagement is important for achieving business goals.

*Customer purpose goes beyond simply responding to customers. Companies and employees who are customer purposed proactively consider how any task delivers value to the customer. Hidden leaders are naturally customer purposed.

*By using the characteristics of hidden leadership as guidelines for performance measurement, employees and managers gain a better understanding of what they need to work on to succeed.

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