High Performance Team by PRISM

If your goal is to become a high performing team then this article will help you and see what it is you need to improve.And if you attend #prismphilosophy training  (http://www.prismphilosophy.com) program it would help you to self reflect.

Characteristics of a Pseudo Team

  •  team-evolution-curveThis is a group for which there could be a significant, incremental performance need or opportunity, but it has not focused on collective performance and is not really trying to achieve it.
  •  It has no interest in shaping a common purpose or set of performance goals, even though it may call itself a team.
  •  Pseudo-teams are the weakest of all groups in terms of performance impact.
  •  In pseudo-teams, the sum of the whole is less than the potential of the individual parts.
  •  They almost always contribute less to company performance needs than working groups because their interactions detract from each member’s individual performance without delivering any joint benefits.
  •  For a pseudo-team to have the option of becoming a potential team, the group must define goals so it has something concrete to do as a team that is a valuable contribution to the company.

Characteristics of a Potential Team

  •  There is a significant, incremental performance need, and it really is trying to improve its performance impact.
  •  Typically it requires more clarity about purpose, goals, or work products and more discipline in hammering out a common working approach.
  •  It has not yet established collective accountability.
  •  Potential teams abound in organizations.
  •  When a team (as opposed to a working group) approach makes sense, the performance impact can be high.
  • The steepest performance gain comes between a potential team and a real team; but any movement up the slope is worth pursuing.

Characteristics of a Real Team

  •  This is a small number of people with complementary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose, goals, and working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.
  •  Real teams are a basic unit of performance.
  •  The possible performance impact for the real team is significantly higher than the working group.

Characteristics of a High Performing Team

  •  This is a group that meets all the conditions of real teams and has members who are also deeply committed to one another’s personal growth and success.
  •  That commitment usually transcends the team.
  •  The high performance team significantly outperforms all other like teams, and outperforms all reasonable expectations given its membership.
  •  It is a powerful possibility and an excellent model for all real and potential teams.


  1. This article gives crisp and clear information about the various types of teams, their interpersonal relationships, and their respective outputs. This article has taught me that effective team building is essential to get sustainable and desired results. I would apply these learnings in my daily life and upcoming projects. Thank you for sharing!

    Gurmehar Kaur Modi(KD-5)
    PE: Ms. Babita


  2. The article is very informative on the different types of teams that exist in organisations. This post made me understand about Pseudo teams, Potential teams, Real teams and High performance teams.The points are crisp and precise. It highlights the role of positive team building and cooperation for growth and success of any business or service.


  3. A classification of the group as we know it and the factors which determine the success of each such groups is very vital. Only when we know the different classes , we will be able to identify the type of group we are in and act accordingly to ensure the success of the group. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to learn.


  4. It is very informative and helpful. The differences between all types of teams have been framed so well and easy to understand and relate too. There is always a room for the improvement and making things better. This article helps us to think for it and work accordingly. Thank you!


  5. It is a very insightful article that very clearly defines the various types of teams, their values, working categories, outputs and overall mutual relationship. It highlights the growth aspects at each level which one often tends to overlook. It made me realise that team building is more important than it is perceived and how a real team or high performance team can eventually be more fruitful than individual growth, eventhough it takes time. It passively lists down factors that determine the growth of a pseudo team into a high functioning team.

    Naimisha Srivastava
    P.E. by Ka Babita Choudhary


  6. A very well written and well informed article!
    Gives insight on all sorts of team working on a project.


  7. The article is very informative and relatable. They can easily be applied by the students. Given that our industry requires us to work as a team most of the time, this shall help in trying ti identify the stage of team-work we are currently in and how we can climb up the ladder. High performing team is surely the goal to achieve! Thank you!


  8. The article is very informative and relatable. Given that our industry requires us to work as a team most of the time, this shall help in trying to identify the stage of team-work we are currently in and how we can climb up the ladder. High performing team is surely the goal to achieve! Thank you!


  9. Very nicely put down in words so crisp and precise. The article defines the characteristics of the different kinds of teams and how those thin lines of differences in their working which sometimes isn’t visible, creates such tangible differences in outcome.


  10. the article was very insightful and was quite precise ti point out the clear differences between a pseudo,potential,real and a high potential team. the points mentioned are really helpful for an individual to apply in his/her life and work towards being a good teammate as well as good leader. thank you so much for sharing the article with us.


  11. Very informative! This very well explains the input and outputs of the levels of teams in an organisation and also highlights upon the role and the process involved in high performance team building and the way act as great assets for any organisation. I also appreciate the way this article discusses about the workable areas in different teams. Thankyou so much for sharing!


  12. When your team has people with high potential ,even if they are lacking in some form or other there is always one person who can fill that space and pull them forward . Your determination can overcome all the obstructions .

    Thank you so much for such an insight .
    Shashi Sharma
    PE ( Babita Chaudhary)


    1. Thank you for highlighting the fact that what one may not have the potential to come out with alone is what may come out the most gracefully when working honestly with the real team.


  13. A very resourceful article, it helps you to understand which stage your team is at. This would help us to understand that how much effort should be put in, and in which direction so as to drive our team to maximum output and productivity.


  14. Real teams are basic are basic unit of performance. And each individual is committed towards his job and much focused to coordinate well with their colleagues and complete their task on time. Thus this article is really helpful for me because it has taught me how we could perform well in a team.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Teamwork best comes into play when all the members are committed to WellCare and growth of each of it’s members.
    Thanks for sharing the article,really helpful.


  16. This has really taught me the importance of team building as it makes you as an individual more aware, responsible and committed to your agenda. It helps in achieving the target in time and with the planned quality. So thank you for making me realize that what I may not have the potential to come out with alone is what may come out the most gracefully when working honestly with the real team.


  17. Hello ma’am

    Thank you so much for such an informative article . The concept of high performance team is very nicely explained and helpful.


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