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IMG_5489Being an effective speaker by using #prismphilosophy http://www.prismphilosophy.com  is considered a key executive competency, but it is also something of a dying art. People are relying more and more on digital communication, and studies show that listeners’ attention spans are getting shorter. Still, speaking is a more effective mode of communication than writing because vocal intonations help clarify meaning that gets lost when a message is written, and people focus their attention on the speaker.

McGowan finds there is a communications gender gap in the corporate world. Women have to walk a fine line between being seen as too empathetic or nice and being seen as bossy or inflexible. Men, on the other hand, do not have to deal with the same kinds of stereotypes. Women tend to back into their messages because they like to establish support for an idea before actually explaining it. Men tend to be less empathetic, so are often not as effective at explaining how an idea might help others.

But not all communication issues are gender based. People can be poor communicators because they focus too much on irrelevant details, make the same point over and over, rely on clichés, or continually edit what they just said, a habit called verbal backspacing. To help speakers overcome any quirks that keep them from being good communicators, McGowan recommends seven principles of persuasion:

1. The headline principle: Speakers should grab their audiences’ attention at the start.

2. The Scorsese principle: Speakers should create imagery with words to hold listeners’ attention

3. The pasta-sauce principle: Speakers should boil down their messages to make them strong and concise.

4. The no-tailgating principle: Speakers should talk slowly while thinking about what to say next.

5. The conviction principle: Speakers can show certainty with their words, tone, and eye contact.

6. The curiosity principle: Good conversationalists are interested in other people and what they have to say.

7. The Draper principle: Speakers should keep the conversation focused on their areas of strength.

To learn these principles and put them into practice, people can focus on learning and using one principle at a time. Individuals can study speakers on television to see how they display various principles, and they can evaluate their own use of the principles by reviewing recordings or videos of themselves speaking.

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  1. It is very interesting . The points are well defined . I will definitely practice it for improvise my communication.


  2. The article has made me understand about the importance of a good presentation. Each point is concise and easy to understand!


  3. Definitely the article is to the point and quiet relevant. Considering confidence is the key factor for any kind of communication which depicts that the person knows what is he talking about and that he is well versed with the matter. Apart from all yhe strategies mentioned above, it’s personal touch which eventually adds up to the ultimate uniqueness of one’s communicating skills.


  4. Being an effective speaker means being able to reach the audience and grab their attention. It’s a trait that we really need in communicating with people.
    I feel like being an effective speaker is not an easy task and we need to learn and practice to be an effective speaker.


  5. This article cover all essential point of being a good speaker. Really helpful for understanding what things we should kept in mind while conversation as a speaker


  6. The fine balance which a female professional needs to keep between being docile and a hard task master is something many people struggle with.(including myself)
    The tips mentioned really help in effectively conveying ideas while maintaining the proper decorum in a public space.


  7. All the points of principle are truly correct, I think it should be important to carry these points while we deliver the speech, it will attract the listeners.


  8. A good speaker should know his audience and determine the appropriate tone for his speech. Conduct research, if necessary, a good speaker should Create a “hook” to engage the audience
    and Anticipate audience questions. He
    should Be flexible and try to adjust to follow the audience’s reaction which would help him to deliver his speech in a confident way.


  9. Undoubtedly an effective speaker is anyways capable enough to deliver his agenda of speak in the most apt manner. He holds the listener’s attention which makes them listen and understand his point of talking better and more effectively. Now this makes me more keen to develop myself into an effective speaker so as to talk every time with conviction and confidence to present my knowledge in the way I desire it to reach out to my listeners.


  10. I think this article covers all the essential aspects of being a good communicator. The principles are easy to understand and hence can be easily applied in real life scenarios.


  11. Dear ma’am,

    I realized that before deliver any comment. we should be prepared necessary content which how to say and when to say and what to say, it’s very important for a speaker. and should be very cool as well as confidence.\

    Kesahw Mandal

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. By any measure you are very effective speaker and educator. I will definitely practice the lessons you gave to improve my communication and presentation skills so as to overcome the fear of public speaking.

    Liked by 1 person

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