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A moral compass guides the actions people choose and is based on meeting the needs of the greater good. One aspect of the moral compass ishonesty. An example of a wavering moral compass was seen with Lance Armstrong, who started his professional cycling career in 1992. In 1996, he was diagnosed with cancer from which he recovered. When he returned to his career in 1998, he had the support of legions of fans who admired his spirit. However, in 2012, as a result of doping charges (which he initially denied), he was banned from the sport. Armstrong justified his usage by stating others were doing the same thing.

ppA different scenario occurred with golfer Brian Davis. In a championship game, he called a penalty on himself. Since the official did not see Davis’s error, they watched the action in a slow-motion replay, which revealed it. Although his honesty cost him the game, his demonstration of integrityearned him the respect of colleagues and fans.

Fidelity describes people who demonstrate faithfulness. In May 2013, Edward Snowden leaked top-secret papers about Internet-surveillance programs. Some felt his actions were wrong. He defended himself by stating his intent was right because he wanted to inform the public about questionable actions of the government. The answer to whether he acted with fidelity depends on who is asked.

George Everly Sr.’s family came to America in the late 1600s and farmed for 300 years. Although farming was a long tradition in his family, he chose to attend college and join the Army. When he spoke of his service in WWII, he focused on duty and camaraderie rather than the stories of destruction that are inherent in any war. When he was offered a D-Day medal in 1994, he was reluctant to accept it because he was simply doing what he said he would do, being guided by his moral compass. This is a sharp contrast to today’s modern world, where many people expect a trophy just for showing up.

Ethical behavior is demonstrated by people who do the right thing. It is a natural response for those who operate with honesty, integrity, and fidelity. Tylenol demonstrated ethical behavior in 1982, after seven people died from taking their capsules. When it was revealed that those tablets were laced with cyanide, Tylenol recalled all the products still on the market. They also implemented tamper-resistant packaging to prevent this from occurring again. Although the financial costs were huge, Tylenol become known as an ethical brand.

People who are not comfortable with their past actions can form a new moral compass by:

*Believing in themselves. People must realize that they can act with a moral compass. When they make an effort, they will eventually find that honesty and integrity become intrinsically rewarding. When reward results from an action, it increases the likelihood of that action occurring again.

*Surrounding themselves with people who operate with honesty and integrity. Individuals who operate with a moral compass encourage others to do the same. Spending time with such people makes it natural for all members of the group to operate with a moral compass.

*Receiving encouragement and support from others. A peer group is important beyond the teenage years and needs to be composed of quality people.

*Learning to manage impulsive behaviors. This helps people develop a better sense of control and reinforces the positive actions they are capable of. Small successes helps people believe they can have even more success.


  1. Moral compass is one’s guide to positive success. To be able to differentiate between the right and wrong is integral in each individual and can be further fine tuned by one’s support system namely, family peer group, professional colleagues. Honesty, integrity, fidelity, ethical behaviour (I would like to add gratitude) are important tools needed to carve individual character which reflects in the beauty of the sculpture in later years. The inner struggle and conflict that Lance Armstrong faced proves that moral values are truly sublime and the ultimate award

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  2. The Moral compass is very much important factor for one’s individual as well as associated team’s growth . one having high moral values has greatest assets one could have of Pride and Dignity. It is very important to grow yourself and our team.

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  3. Moral
    When we do mistakes then it is very necessary to learn from the mistake,and after so many mistakes we learns so much and this is called experience.

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  4. I think moral principles are very important in every ones life and ethical behavior plays a big role in self satisfaction and for better society development

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  5. Moral compass is play an important role in person life .It can applicable for both personal and professional.through the utilisation of aspects of moral compass we can meet a better output with better quality.
    Best Regards
    Prashant pandey


  6. Moral is a guide which may come from past experiences also to behave and act accordingly on what is right and wrong, it’s a set of values which we set form our experiences and from others gestures for our guidance.we can use this for making decisions also.


  7. Gud evening ,
    As per my perspective Moral plày important part in our life but we forget the same.We are not apply the same in our professional and personal life.These are just a word and sentences.The word “Share” ..Share knowledge but we are not applying the same. If we start follow these words Share , Respect,etc then it will improve our living style and living standard.But question is When we Start?
    Thanks & Regards
    Pooja Sharma


  8. The moral compass helps us, how we judge a person’s character and whether they will make a moral & good decision. Humanity is what differentiates us from the animal kingdom.
    We all make mistakes- People with a true moral compass learn from those mistakes and incorporate them into how they conduct themselves in the future. People who don’t have a moral compass often make the same mistakes again and again because they never look closely at themselves and are unable to improve themselves.
     You can’t control what other people do, but you can control your response. And with a strong moral compass, you will find the strength to do the right thing.


  9. Would like to add another example, Sachin Tendulkar; the man became famous not just for his good play, but more importantly, for his ethical game. He called himself out when the umpire(s) could not see him out. This has happened like n number of times. Morals truly play a great role in ones life.


  10. The Moral compass is very much important factor for one’s individual as well as associated team’s growth . one having high moral values has greatest assets one could have of Pride and Dignity .

    My mom always used to say :: ” Son please do not do any such things after which you can not look yourself in mirror and feel guilty “.

    This is the reason ,i guess now a days emotional quotient plays a vital role in any person success and growth .

    To conclude i would just like to quote John Wooden “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching ”

    Best Regards,
    Chetan Singh


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