Share with your star performers team

Companies become great because of the contributions of key star performers. Successful teams are like “constellations of stars” that work harmoniously together. When leaders recruit teams made up entirely of stars, they often underperform. This is because stars tend to want to work alone as solo contributors and often take time to learn that collaboration leads to success. Leaders must forge strong, individualistic personalities into cohesive groups, building team cohesion right from the moment teams are assembled.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.39.16 pmHenman offers a talent assessment model that leaders can use to identify how specific individuals would work as a team. It ranks each person from one to four, focusing on behavior, aptitude, and experience, with the highest ranked candidates successfully combining all three qualities. These candidates, however, will need the guidance of leaders to manage the inevitable turbulence found with virtuoso teams.

Teams of stars can easily flounder if leaders do not set expectations and define roles and responsibilities. Therefore, leaders should pay close attention to the eight functions that structure star teams:

  1. Trust
  2. Accountability
  3. Decision Making
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Communication
  6. Clear Objectives
  7. Collaboration
  8. Leadership

10 thoughts on “Share with your star performers team

  1. I would like to add in the structure that Leaders should form a team as per the GOAL required.
    Leaders should Plan , DO and ACT accordingly by giving the clear picture of Objectives to Team Members . Also can give a option to the TEAM Members to fix the role on their OWN according to the GOAL and then Analyse if it correct.


  2. Leadership qualities well defines & explained in great manner with hands on experience while training program ,such a motivating essential skills to become be a great leader .
    Thanks for giving us training of these qualities


  3. Personal Goals may be achieved by individual efforts , but Organisational Goals can be achieved only by Team Efforts.


  4. Thank you very much for this wonderful article , leadership is yes a very much necessary attribute which everyone must develop within yourself, All eight functions described above are key to be a good leader. also leadership is to play positively with your strength and addressing your weakness to work upon the same to be more productive and efficient.


  5. As rightly written that three qualities are very much essential to assess by the leader i.e. behavior, aptitude, and experience to formulate the team and assigning the task so that the success can be achieved. A leader has to assess the potential of each team member and should set the expectations by defining the roles and responsibilities and continuously evaluating them on eight different functions.


  6. Successful leaders always try to understand as to why the team is not able to perform to its best capacity, where as individual team members may be putting in their 100 percent. Hence, a two way effective communication is a key for better understanding. Also, when an organization or a leader expects and has clearly delivered its expectations/ shown trust of delivarance to the star team, creating an amicable work atmosphere is also important.


  7. Only a good leader can guide his/her team on such a better way that after few days every team member think and act like a leader.


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