Respect Star Performers

Leaders must understand how star performers are different from other employees, even high achievers. They distinguish themselves as thought leaders by embodying the E5 Star Performer Model:0-8

  1. Ethics
  2. Expertise
  3. Excellence
  4. Enterprise
  5. Experience

Stars practice integrity everyday as a guiding principle. They do not simply follow general guidelines; they merge ethical behaviors into their intellectual and social skills, instilling ethics into their everyday conduct both personally and professionally.

The chief determiner of an executive’s success is the ability to make decisions and solve problems at a high level. Although three factors define such intelligence (critical thinking, learning ability, and quantitative ability), critical thinking is the crucial factor, allowing stars to envision future scenarios, cut to the heart of complicated problems, and separate the trivial from the essential.

Practice and excellence are also linked. Talent is at the foundation of excellence, but there must be awareness of talent as well. Stars are uniquely able to identify and cultivate their own strengths. Passion drives stars to pursue their natural talents and seek out knowledge and opportunities to develop them. Stars organize their lives around sharpening their skills.

Seeking perfection sidetracks individuals, trapping them in details and causing them to miss deadlines. It causes talented individuals to lose motivation, become frustrated, and abandon their goals. Stars and those who lead them must strive to succeed, not be perfect.

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