Respect & Implement Goals

Everyone needs to set goals that are completely personal. As people grow in the other six areas of their lives, they open up opportunities to finally do things for themselves. This category is the perfect place for those goals that do not seem to fit anywhere else, like designing and building a home, creating a collection, meeting a famous person, or attending a once-in-a-lifetime event. Many people feel guilty about setting such self-centered goals, but ignoring personal fulfillment is shortsighted. Goals that give people joy also replenish their energy and help them effectively serve others. You can apply PRISM Philosophy to achieve your various set of goals

Generosity Goals

Generosity goals awaken the heart and flow so easily that they create sustainable momentum. People always set generosity goals with the intent to improve their communities or the world, but individuals end up enriching their own lives in the process.

Health and Fitness Goals

Health and fitness goals work to keep people in top physical form so they can accomplish all of their other goals. A health crisis can derail a person financially, threaten relationships, and become the main focus of that person’s life. Those who pursue health goals can avoid many diseases and injuries.

Exercising daily does not have to cost much, and eating healthy foods is no more costly than eating junk food. The rewards include more energy, less stress, and higher self-esteem, all of which are important for achieving life goals.

Career and Finance Goals

Despite what it may seem, there are no true shortcuts to success. It takes determination, hard work, and attainment of lesser goals before people can reach their YORGs. People must take the initial steps today on the paths that may lead them to major achievements in 20 years or more. This may mean getting advanced degrees or doing independent research to prepare for the future. Clear long-range visions should inform people’s present actions. Also, the majority of people’s goals require money, so they must work hard to increase their incomes so they can eventually fund their biggest dreams.

Spiritual and Emotional Goals

People who neglect their inner spiritual lives while pursuing their other life goals are bound to hit a wall early in their journeys. Spiritual and emotional traits like determination, discipline, happiness, courage, wisdom, and focus all emanate from the mind. The inner life is the engine that propels and guides people, and if they neglect it, it will break down.

Inner discipline for the mind and spirit is just as important as outer disciplines such as hygiene and nutrition. Inner disciplines include meditation, prayer, and reflection.

Thoughts absolutely determine actions. Those pursuing goals must have positive and constructive thought patterns. Healthy thinking, dumping emotional baggage, and forgiving those who may have done damage in the past all help people overcome their past adversities.

Travel Goals

Travel goals are among the most underestimated of the seven areas; however, travel helps to take people out of their comfort zones. By making radical moves to completely new environments, people can experience a renewed sense of purpose and get the fresh starts they need.

People who travel the world gain an understanding of its problems in a way that is far more impactful than just watching the news. Travel opens up a vast network of international relations and exposes people to beauty that is best experienced firsthand. Travel stretches people’s minds and their comprehension of what is possible.

Friends and Family Goals

People can show their friends and family that they love them by:

*Helping them launch their own projects and achieve their own dreams.

*Expressing their feelings with words that not only communicate love, but specify what they find lovable.

*Giving gifts that make them feel special.

*Sharing experiences together that reflect their dreams and goals.

*Leaving a legacy that protects family members financially, legally, and in terms of values.


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