The elements of a winning presentation can be thought of in a pyramid shape. The foundation is a solid story that is illustrated by the graphics of the slide show. Content should be organized so that it is relevant, focused, and has a logical flow.Prism Full Form1 Every story has a clear objective, either a call to action or a benefit. The speaker or presenter should be the focus of the presentation; graphics are present only to support the presenter, and graphics should be designed with the less is more principle in mind In turn, these elements are delivered by the presenter’s body language and voice, all supported by the tools of the presentation trade. What presenters say is impacted by how they say it and what they do when they say it. They should deliver their stories to one person at a time in phrases that complete the arc and are accompanied by eye contact and gestures; all of which combine to produce animation.

Presenters should use the Mental Method of presenting to interact with their audiences by noticing the audience’s reactions and being prepared to adjust their content and delivery. They should position themselves and their tools so that their audiences can easily see them and their graphics. These dynamic elements all orbit around a central unifying nucleus–the pause. The entire presentation is then subject to the scrutiny of the audience’s questions, which presenters must handle with complete assurance and credibility.

The conclusion is that a presentation does not exist on the screen alone, in the presenter alone, or in the audience alone. A power presentation combines all of these elements into a living entity that changes each time a speaker presents

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