Maintain your Body Langauage

As long as individuals give themselves plenty of high-quality time to learn from friends, positive relationships, confidence-building successes they will continually become more

Maintain is fifth element of Prism Philosophy

insightful, more empathetic, and more skilled at body language. Nonetheless, this self-awareness begins with understanding five basic truths:

  1. Body language is a constant–even when we are asleep.
  2. Body language is always determined by context. Social rules, cultural implications, and group expectations play an enormous role in what types of body language will work for or against an individual.
  3. Body language can never be judged based on one single signal. Rather, it is more effective to “baseline” or “norm” (i.e., study groups of gestures in order to recognize patterns).
  4. Body language reveals the discrepancies between what a person says and what a person truly believes. Fully “listening” to the true message means tuning into both the verbal and nonverbal aspects of the message–watching body language and listening for pitch, rate, tone, volume, and rhythm of the person’s words.
  5. Body language mastery allows you to tune into “microexpressions,” the brief flashes or gestures that betray inner feelings.

“All you need to know to turn every first impression into a ‘yes'”is essentially a  directions on how to move the body, adjust the posture, and change facial expressions so as to exude attractiveness, charisma, and self-control.


  1. Very informative and helpful. It highlights the key points one can keep in mind and improve their body language as communication is beyond just words. A lot can be conveyed through a positive body language.


  2. A useful article for understanding the importance of body language. Body language, the non-verbal aspect of communication plays important role in the time of communication. It’s the instance where we can communicate without uttering a word.


  3. The highly important concept of understanding body language as a form of expression has been effectively discussed. The language and crispness of the content highlights the key points on the concerned topic. Very informative.


  4. This is a very interesting approach on body language and how one can fine-tune their approach to body language. Knowing about this will highly affect and better one’s corporate life.

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  5. Very effective in order to understand the importance of body language when it comes to communication. Communication is not just verbal but much more than that.


  6. I’ve always struggled with reading people’s body language because it is very important for continuing a conversation and gauge the information they are trying to communicate. This blog helped me a lot.
    Thank you for sharing this.


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