Implement with POWER note

Successful People have a reason to sell their thoughts; they are determined and motivated by a main goal that they always keep in mind. Affirmations help people focus on what they

Implement is 3rd key element of Prism Philosophy

want to achieve, and they should be repeated to instill a sense of purpose or urgency. People may choose to create their own affirmations to post on their mirrors or write in blessings books along with lists of what they appreciate most. People need to give twice the number of referrals they want to get and look for opportunities to connect community members to one another and to people outside their areas. They should also set aside time to write personal POWER notes to everyone they know. POWER notes are:

* Personal

* Optimistic

* Written

* Effective

* Relational

To write successful POWER notes, individuals must follow seven steps:

  1. Use personalized or monogrammed cards to make notes more special.
  2. Use blue ink to make notes look original and positive.
  3. Use the word “you,” but avoid the words “I,” “me,” and “my.”
  4. Be specific and compliment the character or a unique quality of the recipient.
  5. Utilize the power of positive projection by identifying a trait they want to improve and expressing respect for the recipient’s similar traits.
  6. Focus on handwriting, making sure that the text slopes slightly upward and to the right.
  7. Use the P.S. as a call to action (e.g., “P.S. Give me a call next week!”)

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